Hydroponic gardening supplies

Choose Pro Green Liverpool for hydroponic equipment and indoor garden supplies in Merseyside.
Hydroponic equipment

Healthy gardening

Hydroponic gardening
At Pro Green Liverpool, you will get the complete range of hydroponic gardening supplies for your indoor garden. Hydroponics is a process where nutrient-rich water is used in growing reservoir containers to grow flowers and fruits.
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High-quality products

hydroponic vegetables
We only stock superior quality products for all your container gardening needs. From fertilizers and chillers to dehumidifiers, we have it all. We supply products from the leading brands such as Jiffy, Autopot, Wilma, and Atami. 

Grow equipment 

hydroponic vegetable garden
For top-quality grow equipment and other hydroponic gardening supplies in Merseyside, contact us today. You can also speak to our team of experts at Pro Green Liverpool for knowledgeable advice on hydroponics.
For more information on our hydroponic gardening equipment,
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